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LiveAmerica provides weekly webinar training covering product deep dives, sales concepts, UW and new business overviews, and much more.

Previous topics have included:

Wednesday Oct 12

10am CST: Global Atlantic “Fast Lane Underwriting and the Global Atlantic UW Advantage”

Wednesday Oct 26

10am CST: Global Atlantic: “Lifetime Builder/Survivorship Builder w/ Sales Ideas”

Wednesday Nov 2

10am CST: ANICO “Signature GUL and ABR product review.”

Wednesday Nov 9

10am CST: Global Atlantic : “Sales Ideas and Strategies”

ANICO Overview, Life Products Including ABRs


“Submitting NB and Underwriting Process. Webinar 1”


“Niche Markets Deep Dive Including Worksite, List Bill, Pensions”


“Submitting NB and Underwriting Process: Webinar 2”


Jim Mallon AIG Service webinar

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