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LiveAmerica is making a difference in the lives of our clients and delivering a lifetime of value

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We utilize a consultative needs based approach to design the right customer solution for their specific needs.

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LiveAmerica is a family, built around an advisor-focused mindset, culture, and support.

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Life Insurance you can use while living. . . Peace of Mind.

LiveAmerica’s customized solutions can provide life insurance that allows your clients to access their life insurance death benefit while still living in the event of a critical, chronic, or terminal illness. It is life insurance coverage you do not have to die to use. This is revolutionary to the life insurance industry and may represent a vitally important potential source of financial security for your client’s family.

What are everyday american's concerned about?
At least 91% of older adults have at least 1 chronic condition and 73% have at least 2
50% of households are at risk of having their standard of living decline during retirement
75% of heart attack victims survive at least 3 years
70% of stroke victims survive at least 3 years
Customer Oriented Differentiation

The most powerful differentiated approach to designing unique, customized solutions for your customers.

Advisor Focused Tools and Support

Proprietary Fact Finding and Needs Based analysis tools; Creative effective, and leading edge lead generation strategies and support; Weekly and on-demand Training; Effective agent recruiting strategies and tools.

Achievable Bonus and Incentive Trips

Proprietary and highly achievable sales incentive trips so you can realize additional income closer to the sale and be part of our family


Industry leading carrier partners with exceptional underwriting service, efficiency, and ratings. ~ 90% conversion rate, which means you can be more responsive to your clients and get paid faster.

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