For The Family

OUR MISSION : To make a difference in the lives of our clients

At LiveAmerica, our agents use a consultative and needs based approach to effectively use Life and Annuity products and design strategies to effectively address all of the client concerns. We have the products, the training, the help desk expertise needed to build retirement Life Insurance strategies and retirement plans for LiveAmerica clients.

Family Income Replacement.

Death benefit protection. The obvious value of life insurance is the death benefit protection it provides. Life Insurance can help replace lost income for the future, providing loved ones with a better chance of continuing their current lifestyle.

Wealth accumulation

Life insurance can be part of a diverse investment portfolio. In some products (universal and whole life) a portion of what you pay (the premium) earns interest. The gain is tax-deferred until withdrawn and can help fund financial emergencies, retirement income or college expenses.

Mortgage Protection or Payment Acceleration

Life insurance can be a smart way to pay off your mortgage early. Instead of making extra payments to your mortgage, consider purchasing a cash value life insurance policy from LiveAmerica. You could pay off your mortgage 15 years early to free up additional funds toward retirement.

Access to Death Benefit in the event of Critical, Chronic, or Terminal Illness

Life Insurance can provide a source of cash if you become Critically, Chronically, or Terminally Ill. Accelerated benefits, also known as “living benefits,” are life insurance policy proceeds paid to the policyholder before he or she dies. With the escalating costs of medical bills, too many critical, chronic, or terminally ill patients are faced with financial hardship during the worst possible time. As a person deals with the emotional and physical struggles of terminal illness—as well as the impact on loved ones—the last thing needed is the additional stress of astronomical medical bills.

Final Expenses

In a time of grief, a life insurance policy can help with funeral costs and other immediate expenses, ensuring a family has financial support when it’s needed most, minimizing financial burden on your family. A preneed life insurance policy or annuity contract provides the proceeds to pay for your funeral in full, according to the arrangements you make with your funeral home at the time you enter into a prearranged funeral contract.

Supplemental Retirement Income

With today’s volatile stock market and low interest rate environment, people are looking for secure ways to grow their retirement assets and generate an income that they can count on to maintain their lifestyle throughout their retirement years. They are looking to increase income and decrease risk. At LiveAmerica, we have customized Life insurance solutions that provide Interest crediting rates that keep pace with stock performance but protected from stock market loss and leading annuities.

Asset Reallocation with LTC protection.

Seventy percent of people older than 65 will need some form of long-term care. Most people may think to fund the long-term care needs either by personal savings or investments, but LiveAmerica can offer a better way. A fixed annity with double or triple the contract value in long-term care coverage for qualified long-term care expenses. And any remaining contract value at death will pass directly to beneficiaries.

Income tax benefits

Typically, the death benefit on a life insurance policy transfers to beneficiaries free of federal income taxes. Additionally, earnings from accumulated value are not taxed until withdrawn.

Estate planning

Regardless of the size of an estate, this can be a major consideration. Integrating life insurance into an estate plan can offer a number of benefits, including avoiding family conflict, protecting other assets or providing trusts for beneficiaries.