We Care

OUR MISSION : To make a difference in the lives of our clients

Our Vision.

To serve the needs of America’s broad middle class and main street business owners by being America’s premiere Living Benefits Life Insurance organization by providing Americans with world class Life & Annuity Living Benefit product solutions through an innovative distribution model giving our customers the greatest quality of life.

Why We Do What We Do.

Because we care. At the core, we know what we do, what we sell, is safeguarding the lives of our clients. What we do enables a family to pay a mortgage after the loss of the main income earner and not go into foreclosure. Our work can provide benefits to help with medical expenses during a chronic, critical, or terminal illness reducing the financial effects of invasive cancer or a major heart attack. We enable a retiree to more fully enjoy retirement without concerns of outliving their nest egg. What we do matters because the lives of our clients matter. And our goal is to understand the needs of our clients better than anyone else, provide the right solutions, and protect the lives of our clients.

At LiveAmerica, we believe “what is good for our clients is ultimately good for our business.”

Who We Are.

LiveAmerica is a national marketing organization, led by Jim Mallon, the former President & CEO of American General Life and Accident Insurance Company and Global Head of AIG Life Insurance. At the core, the company is built around an advisor focused mindset and culture. We champion the industry’s most compelling consumer and advisor value proposition focused on the new living benefit life insurance revolution and tax favored retirement income product solutions for those planning for or in retirement.

LiveAmerica represents a truly new and innovative, sustainable, alternative advisor focused distribution model that will revolutionize life insurance distribution in the United States.

Meet our CEO.

James A. Mallon is President of LiveAmerica. During his more than forty-year tenure in the insurance industry, Jim is perhaps best known for developing one of the first living benefit life insurance products in America. He is an industry leader in living benefit insurance solutions and providing new and innovative solutions for customers.

How We Began.

It began with the customer in mind! In January 2016, a collective group of industry leaders from the historic AGLA (American General Life & Accident) distribution joined forces with Jim Mallon, the former President & CEO of American General Life and Accident Insurance Company and Global Head of AIG Life Insurance. and set out to build a new and innovative approach to providing creative and powerful solutions in order to reach hundreds of thousands of Americans with living benefits and the development of new, innovative products.

To deliver on its promise, LiveAmerica strategically partnered with the leading carriers in the industry to create a select product portfolio providing access to the industry’s top living benefits carriers for life insurance and retirement solutions allowing allow you to foster truly meaningful conversations with your clients and deliver a lifetime of value.