Meet Our CEO

OUR MISSION : To make a difference in the lives of our clients

James A. Mallon serves as President of LiveAmerica, a consumer focused distribution company that provides new living benefit life insurance and retirement solutions to middle America and small business owners. At the core, the company is built around championing the industry’s most compelling consumer value proposition focused upon the new living benefit life insurance revolution and tax favored retirement income product solutions for those planning for or in retirement.

LiveAmerica is driving most powerful differentiated approach to designing unique, customized solutions to serve the needs of America’s broad middle class and main street business owners. The company has partnered with the leading carriers in the industry to create a select product portfolio providing access to the industry’s top living benefits carriers for life insurance and retirement solutions to deliver a lifetime of value for its customers.

Jim is an industry leader in living benefit insurance solutions and providing new and innovative solutions for customers.

During his more than forty-year tenure in the insurance industry, Jim is perhaps best known for developing one of the first living benefit life insurance products in America, Quality of Life … Insurance (QOL), while serving as President & CEO of American General Life and Accident Insurance Company 2004 – 2011. QOL is a product suite which is innovative concept allows customers to access the death benefit part of their insurance policies while still living if they experience either a critical, chronic, or terminal illness, thereby providing thousands of Americans with important financial support when they needed it most.

As President & CEO of American General Life and Accident Company (AGLA, a subsidiary of AIG), Jim also repositioned the company with a consumer orientation and created a consultative needs based process to provide customers with the very best solutions for their specific needs. During that time, agent life productivity doubled. Between 2008 and 2011, AGLA dramatically outperformed the U.S. life insurance industry which, per LIMRA, produced sales of negative 6% while AGLA was positive 34%, thereby outperforming the industry by a full 40 percentage points. In 2010, Jim was also asked to serve as Chairman of AIG’s Group Business, Benefit Solutions providing both strategic direction and hands-on product development guidance.

Prior to joining AGLA in 2004, Jim was with the Vermont-based National Life Group for seven years, where he served as President and Chief Operating Officer of National Life Insurance Company and as a member of the National Life Board of Directors. He also served as chairman of Life of the Southwest, a National Life Group subsidiary which became the vehicle for Jim’s strategy and leadership of one of the most successful life insurance distribution start-ups in industry history. In the 1980s, during his ten year tenure at Chubb Life, Jim designed one of the industry’s first worksite strategies that at its peak years produced over fifty thousand life applications per year. He began his career as an agent in field sales with The Hartford, where he later also served as Chief Marketing Officer.

Jim holds a B.A. degree from Amherst College, Amherst Massachusetts, and also attended Harvard University as well as the Executive MBA program at Whittemore School of Business, University of New Hampshire. He has earned Series 7 and Series 24 NASD designations. In 2012, he was the second ever recipient of the prestigious “GAMA Outstanding Leadership Award.” Jim is a Distinguished Visiting Lecturer at the University of Alabama’s CulverHouse School of Business.